Malaysia E-Vaporizers & Tobbaco Alternative Association (MEVTA) has 3 main roles


MEVTA is a registered NGO. We are representing the Vape industry in Malaysia in voicing all related issues and problems of vape operators in Malaysia for government attention


MEVTA is also a consultant to address existing policy and regulatory issues that are not in favor of vape entrepreneurs in Malaysia by becoming an intermediary for a newly changed policy for the benefit of all parties.


MEVTA is responsible for delivering information on security and how to use, sell, trade properly and in accordance with the standards set for Vape users and entrepreneurs in Malaysia


MEVTA’s roles is to help the vape industry in by using the right channel.

Vape User

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End User, Buyer, Consumer


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  • Vape Shop
  • Wholesaler
  • Distributor
  • Factory


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  • Brewer
  • Brand Owner
Malaysia is ranked as the world’s second largest vape industry in 2015. Although the vape industry has started earlier, there is no guideline and attention given by the government to ensure that the industry will grows well.

There are several times the vape industry in Malaysia is experiencing a sharp drop due to health issues, taxation, public opinion, prices and so on. The government has no idea how the industry works and how can this we contribute back to the government. We believe there is a way to settle all these issues related with the health, tax and etc. And we believe we can play the big role to help the industry and the government.

MEVTA is an NGO that plays a role to ensure the vape industry in Malaysia is lifted and given due attention by the government. InsyaAllah RIZANI ZAKARIA

Presiden, MEVTA


Register as an MEVTA members now. Together we are strong, divided we fall. Let’s get up and fight for the our vape industry.