About us


Mevta is a legally registered body / NGO in March 2014 and is accompanied by a combined Vape Industry User and Consumer.

MEVTA is responsible for the existing provisions and guidelines in Malaysia that are closely related to Vape Sales and Usage.

MEVTA also acts as a responsible body in formulating policies and negotiations with the Government on Vape’s regulation and Consumerism.

MEVTA is part of the Working Group Member in the SIRIM Standard Department which is also jointly involved in the development of the Standards of Vape Safety Standards Malaysia.


  • MEVTA will combine as one body for all E-Vaporizer users.
  • MEVTA will act as a patron who takes care of the welfare and consumer of E-Vaporizer in controlling the key issues that are the main topics today.
  • Use proper channels in accordance with the laws of the Government of Malaysia in the elimination and use of alternatives to tobacco smokers.
  • Maintain the importance of importers and entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses permitted under existing law in controlling the use and sale of the target group only.
  • Only allow safe, authenticated alternatives and warranty for all users and members.
  • As a body of consultants to other bodies as well as governments in addressing current issues.
  • Fight to ensure vape players in the industry in accordance with the rules of the government by owning the relevant license.